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The Best Foot Scrubs Reviews

The Best Foot Scrubs Reviews

 Your feet are more prone to wear and tear in comparison to the rest of your body. All those flat shoes, sandals, and slippers cause your feet to look and feel a little worn out. Sure, you can get your monthly or bi-monthly pedicures, but in between those salon appointments, you should use some foot care products like best foot scrubs, foot peels, and foot creams.

 What Is A Foot Scrub?

 A foot scrub is a textured, creamy product that can be used to exfoliate the rough, hard skin on your feet. A foot scrub is generally a little abrasive in comparison to those used for your face and body.

 Top 12 Best Foot Scrubs In 2020 Reviews

 Now that you know why foot scrubs are so important, let’s get into the products, shall we? Here’s a list of the best foot scrubs in India that you can buy!

 Kama Ayurveda Foot Scrub

 If you are looking for a natural, ayurvedic foot scrub, this one from Kama Ayurveda is perfect. While exfoliating your feet by getting rid of dead skin, it also helps remove tans and wards off any infections.

 Pros: The packaging is excellent– it comes in a tube, making it pretty easy to use in the shower and store in the bathroom!

 Cons: It has only 50gms of product.

 Vaadi Herbals Foot Scrub with Fenugreek and Lemongrass Oil

 If you suffer from tired or aching feet, this foot scrub will relax and soothe as well as it exfoliates. It’s scented with lemongrass oil to make your foot scrubbing experience feel as close to a spa as possible. It also has fenugreek extracts that are known to be anti-inflammatory and helps protect against sun damage.

 Pros: Good packaging and affordable.

 Cons: You might need to use a larger quantity to exfoliate properly.

 Oriflame Advanced Deep Exfoliating Foot Cream

 This is a nourishing and exfoliating foot scrub. It has pumice stone beads to give you a robust exfoliating effect and shea butter to soften and condition dry skin.

 Pros: Exfoliating and moisturizing.

 Cons: You only get 75ml of product.

 LuxaDerme Peeling and Exfoliating Foot Mask

 While this is not a foot scrub, it is a foot exfoliating product– foot exfoliating peeling socks, to be precise. You put them on and wait an hour or so, and in about two weeks, your feet will shed like molt on a snake.

 Pros: Very useful in getting rid of all surface skin on your feet, you don’t need a pedicure if you use these.

 Cons: The process takes about two weeks to show full effect.

 Freeman Bare Foot Revitalizing Foot Scrub

 This is a great foot scrub if you like essential oils. It has tea tree oil, sage, and lemon essential oil that impart a refreshing scent to it. Tea tree oil is also anti-fungal and anti-bacterial.

 Pros: Great packaging.

 Cons: Slightly expensive for the quantity.

 Beauty Works Foot Scrub

 This adorable-looking foot scrub comes in a package shaped like afoot! It’s an exfoliating, softening foot scrub that has organic rosemary extracts. You get a pack of two for the price of one, and it’s affordable.

 Pros: Great value for money, you get a pack of two for that price. Convenient packaging.

 Cons: Best suited for those looking for gentle exfoliation.

INATUR Glory Feet Scrub

 This foot scrub is intensely exfoliating and brightening because of the turmeric extracts. The chamomile will soothe while the cocoa butter will moisturize. It’s the perfect scrub if you love the effect of turmeric on your skin.

 Pros: Has turmeric for brightening and cocoa butter for nourishing.

 Cons: Essential oils might irritate people with sensitive skin.

 Vaadi Herbals Elbow Foot Knee Scrub Soap

 If you want a multi-purpose product, this can be used on the feet and any other parts of your body that are feeling a little dry and lackluster. It’s a soap bar which contains micro-granules for exfoliation, making it very easy to use and store. The scrubbing action is pretty intense, making it one of the best foot scrubs for cracked heels.

 Pros: Easy to use and store and very affordable.

 Cons: Intense exfoliation might leave your skin a little dry and red.

 Biocare De-Tan Scrub

 If you have tanned feet, this scrub will help get rid of the tan and dead skin. For the price you’re paying, there is a vast quantity of products. It’s creamy and gentle enough to be used every day.

 Pros: Value for money

 Cons: Packaging might make it messy to use and store in the bathroom. You would need a spoon to scoop out the product before use to avoid contaminating the whole tub.

 Jovees 2 in 1 Foot Care

 This is the perfect scrub for dry, rough feet. It’s a cream cum scrub, which means that you can use it both ways. It moisturizes dry skin while exfoliating it.

 Pros: Very economical and no need to buy a separate foot cream.

 Cons: Might not get rid of all dead skin because it is mild.

 The Nature’s Co. Walnut – Mint Foot Scrub

 This creamy foot scrub has mint and walnut extract, it exfoliates, brightens, and smoothes your feet.

 Pros: Great packaging, very convenient to use and store. Refreshing scent.

 Cons: It’s a mild scrub.

 The Body Shop Peppermint Reviving Pumice Foot Scrub

 The Body Shop is vegan and cruelty-free, and this foot scrub has the refreshing scent of peppermint. It has volcanic rock granules to give you intense exfoliation. It will get rid of all the dead, dull, and dry skin around your feet.

 Pros: Vegan, cruelty-free, and intensely exfoliating.

 Cons: Might not be suitable for sensitive skin because it is an intense scrub.

 Price: Rs 695. Buy it here.


 What are the benefits of a foot scrub?

 A foot scrub is used to slough off all the dead skin cells, and the dry, dull skin accumulated on the soles of your feet and around your feet in general. A foot scrub will get rid of any dirt, dust, and dead skin you might have accumulated on your feet. If your feet need an instant pick me up, you know you should scrub them, moisturize them, put on socks, and sleep.

 How do I use a foot scrub?

 Once you’re done, use the foot scrub cream and then give your feet a good scrub. Moisturize your feet with a rich moisturizer, foot cream or body butter.

 Do I need a separate foot scrub, or can I use my body scrub?

 That depends on the body scrub that you have. If you have a coarse body scrub, you can use the same thing for your feet. If your body scrub is very mild and suited for everyday use, it might not make any difference to the thicker skin on your feet.

 How often can I use a foot scrub?

 You can use a foot scrub once or twice a week. This will ensure that your feet look and feel great and also prolong the time between your next salon appointment. The best time to use a foot scrub would be at night just before bed.

 Can a foot scrub replace my monthly pedicure appointments?

 No, a foot scrub will only get rid of the surface layer of dead skin on your feet. You would still need to go to the salon to get a pedicure or use a pumice stone to get rid of the dead skin on the soles of your feet.

 Will the body scrub get rid of the cracks in my feet?

 No, it won’t– it will just make them appear lighter if you want to get rid of dry, cracked feet you need to moisturize them religiously!

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