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The Best Basketball Shoes For Guards Reviews

The Best Basketball Shoes For Guards Reviews

Whether you are a shooting guard or a point guard, you have a valuable contribution to your team.
Your team will rely on your speed, coordination, and agility to score points.
And just like all other athletes, the right gear can help you perform better. For guards, the right size, weight, and fit of Best Basketball Shoes For Guards are indispensable. If you are a guard, we can help you find the best basketball shoes fitting for your role in the team.

Top 4 Best Basketball Shoes for Guards In 2020 Reviews

1. Adidas Performance Men’s Cloudfoam Ilation Mid Basketball Shoe

High-performing and lightweight, this pair of basketball shoes is agile enough to be worn every day but reliable enough to give you the extra boost you need in court. Mid-cut and boasting of the unmistakable insignia of Adidas, this shoe commands attention for its style. It has cloud foam cushioning that disperses impact and provides comfort to the feet, great for those hours of practice.
The great leather upper sets itself apart from others with its perforated detailing. It also features an air mesh tongue for excellent breathability.
This is a good choice for players who are on a budget because of its slightly lower price.
Cloudfoam spells comfort. This is arguably the most comfortable pair of basketball shoes you will ever have. It doesn’t disappoint when it comes to comfort, so you know that this will help you out in those hours of practice.
The design and comfort of these shoes are great, not just for basketball but for everyday wear. If you want to go straight from basketball practice and to where you need to be right after without lugging a different pair of shoes each time, this should be a good choice for you.
Most people find this true to size. They have a great fit without being too constricting.
The soles are hard but still pliable. They also have good traction, thereby preventing slipping when you are running.
The air mesh tongue and the perforated detailing ensure more effective airflow. It prevents your feet from overheating when engaging in sports activities.
These are some of the most lightweight shoes you will have. They don’t have a drag, perfect in outrunning your competition.
Because these are comfortable and have a stellar cushion, they actually don’t need breaking in. You can wear them straight out of the box and not even realize they are new.
The cloudfoam has also earned good reviews when it comes to being durable and resistant to damages.
Some said they do not like how the soles are segmented because some of the segments tend to come off.

2. Under Armour Men’s UA Curry 2.5

When was the last time Steph Curry has had an ankle or foot injury? His injury-free seasons can be attributed to skill, excellent training, and this pair of shoes. Its supportive and strong PU shell that ensures your feet can take a beating and not suffer from injuries.
It eliminates the possibility of the feet sliding and slipping with its stable shank and solid heel. It keeps your feet fresh for hours, thanks to its anti-odor feature that is cleverly infused with the Ortholite sock liner. Play for hours without soaking wet feet with its anti-friction cloth function that prevents chafing of the material to the skin. Pros:
This is easily the best when it comes to comfort and support. It reduces your risks of injuries by providing excellent support to the entire structure of the feet– from the ankles to the arches.
Your feet stay in place firmly. It has interior materials that prevent sliding.
The asymmetrical entry makes getting in and out of the shoe a cinch.
You will look stylish in these shoes. Even the laces are custom-designed.
It doesn’t stink easily. The anti-odor technology ensures that your feet will remain fresh even when you play for hours.
It has a nice impact-distributing feature. The cushioning midsole is thick enough to disperse the force and even convert it into energy to propel you and make those rapid changes in direction and speed a lot easier.
The traction is excellent due to the organic herringbone outsole. You can get a better grip on the floor.
Some said the strings are a little long. It is also quite pricey.

3. Nike Men’s Lebron Soldier XII Basketball Shoe

Tick off performance, support, breathability, and precision from your must-have list if you get this shoe. The strap spans the length of your midfoot up to your ankle to lock your feet and prevent unnecessary movements that can cause injuries.
Design-wise, it is also one of the most stylish shoes out there. Choose from an array of color options that will match your sports attire. Nike even lets you customize your shoe from their site.
The laceless design of this shoe is truly remarkable. It is much easier to put it on and then take it off.
It has excellent protection against impact. The energy return is excellent, which can help in boosting your performance.
Many users commented on how good the toe cap overlay is. They said it is softer and more flexible than in the shoes they have used before.
It has good traction. The rubber sole pattern works in giving you slip-proof stability even when playing on a dusty court.
The breathability of the upper material is good. It allows for better heat dispersion.
There were those who said the Velcro straps tend to loosen up.

4. Adidas Performance Men’s Crazylight Boost Low 2016 Basketball Shoe

These are selling like hotcakes because of one good reason: they work. True to its name, these shoes are crazy light.
The lockdown is quite impressive as the heel collar has a mold that fits securely. It has a boost feature that takes the impact and transforms it into energy that you can use to ante up your performance on the court.
These are probably going to be the most lightweight shoes you will ever wear. They won’t strain your feet and allow you to push your endurance further because your shoes do not drag you down.
Traction is at par with the others. It features dual-density rubber, though, so it gives you that traction you need without being too heavy. And because it is denser, it doesn’t wear down easily.
It has more boost pellets compared to other basketball shoes. And unlike others that have a springy effect, this one has an absorbent effect, so the impact does nothing to your feet.
It doesn’t require too much break-in time. The upper material tends to have a good flexibility to it. It stretches as you use it.
The lockdown is good. In the heel area, it offers a glove-like fit that increases support and comfort.
You won’t even notice that it isn’t a high top basketball shoe.
Some said it is half a size bigger.

Which Basketball Shoes for Guards Should You Go For?

If You Like Top-Notch Comfort: Adidas Performance Men’s Cloudfoam Ilation Mid Basketball Shoe, the style also makes this a wearable option. It is stylish enough to work as an everyday pair of shoes.
Designed to fit like a glove but to provide ample support to prevent injuries, this is the shoe to look for if you want unhampered performance on the court. If you don’t mind springing more than a hundred bucks for it, this will be a great shoe you will treasure.
For Great Support: Nike Men’s Lebron Soldier XII Basketball Shoe. Treat your feet to maximum support with these shoes.
Most Lightweight Choice: Adidas Performance Men’s Crazylight Boost Low 2016 Basketball Shoe. Lightweight and impact-absorbing, this shoe is going to help you become a faster guard. The added boost inside helps in dissipating impact and providing you the energy you need to push even further.

What to Consider When Buying Basketball Shoes for Guards

Narrow down your choices by using the following factors:
It doesn’t matter how stylish your shoes are. Look for cushion technology that envelopes your feet and prevents impact from wearing you out faster.
Unless you want to slip easily on basketball courts, you definitely should look for a shoe that has a good tread pattern. These are the shoes that make sure you can get the best floor grip possible.
Check out the materials used. Stay away from those materials that do not allow air to flow easily. It’s not comfortable to wear hot shoes for hours.
It helps to read reviews just to find out if you need to size up or down. Some of these shoes may have the right size but may have a narrower front or might have a looser heel.
The worst thing that can happen to a basketball player is an injury to the lower extremities. This is why, when choosing Best Basketball Shoes For Guards, you would want to pick those that provide a good amount of support.
Additional Features. You might also want to look for additional features such as anti-odor technologies in order to reduce the number of times you will have to clean your shoes. Bacteria can cause odor, and with these technologies, you can prevent the bacteria from growing.
Whether you are playing using the best in-ground basketball hoop at home or in a more professional setting, you need a reliable pair of shoes to improve performance and avoid injuries.


Need more help finding the best basketball gear? Don’t miss our guide to the best basketball shoes for any player here.

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